Chew on This: Little D Markets

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DALLAS - Looking for a place to find local goods and good vibes? Then Little D's Commerce Street Night Market is the place to be. From jewelry, to clothes, to food!

"It's basically to kinda support small businesses in Dallas and then, also, to kind of activate under-utilized space,' Monica Diodati said. Diodati is the founder of Little D Markets. "The more things there are for people to engage in, the better. Especially food."

And first timers like MaryJesse are bringing good eats to the table - like pickles!

"I started selling them a few months ago,' Chef MaryJesse said. "I was doing them for family and friends and after awhile it picked up to where I couldn't have control over it and I thought I'd start selling them, and here I am. I do pickles, mainly just cucumber. And green beans, garlic; I do okra now."

And it's safe to say finding the time for pickling is no easy feat.

"It took all week. Up until the last minute. I'm in culinary school, so it's all morning for that. And then I have a five-month-old baby, so I spend all my time with him."

Chew on This: Little D's final Commerce Street Night Market of the year will take place the last Friday in December. But supporting local is always worth the wait, whether you're here to catch the vibe - or to help get someone closer to their dream.

"I wanna do my own Bloody Mary mix, michelada mix, and move on from there. So this is just the beginning,' Chef MaryJesse said.