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TravelFix: Drew Shows Off His Travel Collection

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DALLAS -- When you travel the globe as much as Drew does, you end up with quite the collection of cool stuff from around the world. He joined us in the NewsFix studios to share his most memorable items.

What better place to start than something you need no matter where you travel.

"First and foremost, I always take currency with me everywhere I go. I have about 85 country notes right now at home. These are just the last 15 countries I've been to," Drew said.

But there's some currency that stands out more than others, like the Canadian dollar.

“It's waterproof, and it's plastic, so if you try to rip it, you can't. It's like a bar game. I'll give it to someone like, 'Hey, I'll buy you a drink if you can rip it' they can't rip it.'"

Another favorite item for Drew are flags, "I try to buy these at little markets or any kind of shop, airports that I can find them.”

Drew has collected around 70 flags since he's been traveling but also makes a habit of saving some obscure items that are under the radar.

"I think coasters are cool because sometimes they're in different languages, and they're free. I collect maps. I don't always use them because my iPhone's better to navigate, but I just like to keep them."

And when he says he keeps everything, he's not joking.

"I have like a golf score card from when I played golf.”

Other than hoarding, what's Drew’s grand scheme for saving all this stuff?

"Maybe in 10, 15 years from now, I envision like a wall, like a room this big, with stuff everywhere. Hanging the flags, putting the maps on the walls so one day. Right now, I'm just sort of keeping it all and then eventually I'll put it together."

So when you're traveling, don't forget to look outside the souvenir shop for that one of a kind item that'll remind you of an experience of a lifetime.

"The point is, you just have to grab them and keep them forever, and it can bring back the memories of those places."

If you want to see some of the places Drew’s talking about, just click here or find out where he is right now by adding him on Snapchat.
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Happy traveling!

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