Opal In The House! Local Woman Finally Hands Obama Juneteenth Proposal

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Some folks say you have to walk the walk if you want to get something done. For DFW's very own Ms. Opal Lee, that's just what she did when she embarked on a journey all the way to the White House.

Her mission? Ask President Obama to make Juneteenth a national holiday.

"I have written a letter and I want to see him to ask him why or when we can have Juneteenth as a national holiday," Ms. Lee explained at the beginning of her mission.

Well, let's just say this was no walk in the park, especially considering the long trek for a 90- year-old woman.

"I've done the calculations about 1400 miles," she added at the time. "It'll take 21 weeks to get there if the Lord says the same and the creeks don't rise."

Ms. Lee proved that age ain't nothing but a number. She came up with a step-by-step plan, and eventually made it to White House, stood in line, and handed the president her letter.

Although Opal Lee is still in the early stages of her proposal, she's still making political moves. Opal is on her way back home just in time to help work the polls for the upcoming election.

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