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Legends of Tomorrow Bro Fights, Feudal Japan And The Compartment 36 Secret

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After the death of Rex Tyler  / Hourman at the hands of Reverse Flash, Vixen stows on board the waverider thinking Hourman’s last words “Time Traveler” meant one of our Legends killed him.

Vixen easily takes down our crew one by one, but it’s an ensuing battle with Heatwave where Dr. Nate manifests his Steel powers to defeat Vixen.

And what’s the first thing you do if you discover you can turn yourself into steel?

Why it's a boxing session with your best bro! As most bro-seshes go, you end up wrecking your waverider and tumbling into the time stream landing in feudal Japan.

Like, every time.

Ray Palmer then loses his armor to the local shogun. And Dr. Nate befriends villager Misako Yamashiro, who’s betrothed to said shogun.

But Dr. Nate is having problem manifesting his “Macho Man” Steel due to performance anxiety...

Side note: Yamashiro is the family name of DC heroine Katana!

Once our team catches up to Dr. Nate and Ray, it’s a battle to defeat the shogun and save the Village Peopl

Because Feudal Japan is what?

My jam!

The biggest casualty of the fight is Ray’s Atom suit that Steel destroys in the battle with the shogun.

Quick note: Ray Palmer / Atom in the comics doesn’t wear a high tech suit. His power is contained in a white dwarf star belt around his waist. I’m curious to see if our Legends Ray Palmer comes up with a similar belt.

Once back in the waverider, Vixen asks if they’re going after the actual Time Traveler who killed Hourman and White Canary’s like "Nah - buckle up and let's see where the time stream takes us because you “Can’t Stop the Music”"

And our Legends “Go West!” to battle Zombies in the Civil War in the next episode, Abominations.

Oh should I talk about that thing? About Compartment 36? About that secret message from Barry Allen 40 years in the future?

Well if Jax, Dr. Stein and the producers can keep a secret. So can I…

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