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5 Tips for Handling Politics Around Family & Friends

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The 2016 presidential election might be the most polarizing election of our lifetime.

With Election Day just weeks before Thanksgiving, it means we won't be able to avoid running into family and friends we may not agree with politically.

And you know your uncle is going to bring up politics at the dinner table.

So how can you talk about politics without upsetting and alienating everyone you know and care about?

Well, according to Etiquette Expert, Diane Gottsman, there are five things you can do in order to keep the peace.

Check out Diane's tips below and good luck navigating the touchy topic of politics this turkey day.

1. Be Prepared. Know it's going to come up and be ready to jump in and change the subject. Don't feel badly about turning the course of the conversation

2. Make Guests Feel Comfortable. Make sure during the course of the evening the topics of conversation are never offending anyone.

3. Be Cautious. Don't think people agree with you -- especially on social media.  You never know who's watching and getting offended.

4. Ask For Clarity. Listen more to others talk; you don't have to win people over to your political side.

5. Walk Away. If discussions turn into fights, know it's fine to get up, get a drink, go for a walk, and just get away.


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