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Ezekiel Elliott Can’t Out-Run Domestic Violence Allegations

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FRISCO - Heavy is the head that wears crown--or in this case the star.

Rookie running back sensation Ezekiel Elliott may be great at running away from NFL defenses but right now some things he can`t run away from are domestic violence accusations.

In September, the Columbus, Ohio City Attorney`s Office declined to press charges on Elliott after determining that there was no credible evidence to support that he had physically abused ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson, but a recent statement from Columbus' Assistant City Attorney Robert S. Tobias has re-sparked controversy.

In an email, Tobias states, "For the Ezekiel Elliott matter, I personally believe that there were a series of interactions between Mr. Elliott and (his accuser) where violence occurred."

The NFL is currently conducting its own investigation into the incident which is standard procedure.

Elliott’s attorney, Frank Salzano, is confident that the investigation will have the same result has the criminal investigation stating "...we remain firm that the NFL will clear Mr. Elliott of any wrongdoing and this matter can be finally put to rest."

So far the negative attention hasn`t distracted Elliott or the Cowboys one bit. Elliott is the top running back in the league and the cowboys are the top team in the NFC, but after dealing with the circus that surrounded Greg Hardy last season, we're sure the Cowboys can't wait for the circus surrounding Elliott to pack up and leave town for good.

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