Starbucks Cup Controversy Strikes Again!

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SEATTLE --  This election season, you would think there isn't anything else that could get people fired up right? Well, you would be wrong!  Starbucks is back at it again with a new cup controversy.

With Halloween out and Thanksgiving just a side dish away, the holiday spirit has arrived. It’s also why people got so upset when Starbucks unveiled its new cup.

What's the problem this time? Well, it's green!

People weren't thrilled the coffee giant ditched its iconic red holiday cups for the green ones designed by artist Shogo Ota. But Starbucks says, "We never said that was our holiday cup."

The coffee kings say they were created as a symbol of unity during this high tension time with the election but people weren't buying it. Some have even accused Starbucks of "political brainwashing" and "liberal bias."

Now, the same scandal went down last year when customers were livid over the company's red plain cups not being "holiday enough."

But if you thought last year's controversy upset people then you haven't seen twitter lately. Tweets like:


have all been trending since the new design was released.

But don't fret. The red cups are coming back just not until November 10. So if the green cup isn't your thing, bring your own cup!