When it Comes to Food, Cowboys Organization Doesn’t Hold Back

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ARLINGTON - The Cowboys may be on a roll on the football field, but they’re also rolling out some new food and gear for their home games.

From meatball sandwiches that are two years in the making to a Mexican Pambazo sandwich, that doesn't disappoint. “It’s got fresh Xoaca cheese, it’s got sour cream, lettuce and the whole thing is dunked in a guajillo chile sauce that is also made here in house," said chef Heather Fuller.

That's not all! There are even new deserts. Take a bite out of a Frito or Lays potato chip cookie.

The new food will be served in several places at the game and run around $12 to $15. If going fancy isn't your style at a ball game, you can still get your classic burger and dog. Either way, the Cowboys got you covered this season, both on and off the field.