Watch This Giant Panda Wrestle a Man Teasing Her

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NANCHANG, China — There’s a reason ‘don’t poke the bears’ is an old saying. A man in China learned that the hard way after he invaded the den of a giant sleeping panda. And the zoo’s camera captured it all.

Zoo officials say Mei Ling was resting in her enclosure when a man jumped in, trying to tease the docile animal. Mei Ling woke up, grabbed the man by the leg, and promptly wrestled him to the ground.

Zoo keepers say the panda was just looking to play and while the man did struggle to free himself, he eventually managed to escape.

And he’s probably a whole lot smarter now.

Officials believe the man jumped into the enclosure to impress his female friends.

(Who is surprised by this?)

Mei Ling is receiving medical checks and is being closely observed — but she seems to be fine.

The zoo invader has not been located, but experts say it’s unlikely he was seriously hurt.

Maybe his ego and his pride, but those injuries are well-deserved.