The Flash Laid An Easter Egg, We’re All Adults Here, And Let’s Talk About That Bad Idea

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Hey Flash Fans!

Last episode has a lot in it!

More Vibe vibing, Jessie with a name Jessie Quick and a costume, a new, new Harrison Wells, Caitlyn's apparent out of control ice powers, a brief but fantastic appearance by Leonard Snart Captain Cold plus two new rogues: Sam Scudder - Mirror Master and Rosalyn Dylan -  the Top!

Which brings me to this week’s Flashpoints!

Flashpoint one Easter Egg

This right here!

Broome Industries is where we first meet Mirror Master and the Top.

Broome Industries, as in DC writer John Broome!

Broome is known for writing most of the early stories of Barry Allen Flash.

While Barry first appeared in Showcase Comics by writer Robert Kanigher, it’s Broome that created most of the universe Barry lives in, including Wally West -  Kid-Flash, Professor Zoom, and this episode’s villains Mirror Master and the Top!

Flashpoint Two

The Adopted Elephant in the Room

Finally! Though I love the Barry/Iris romance and it’s been a part of comic continuity since John Broome was writing.

In our Flash TV universe, Barry and Iris spent time as kids in the West household and it’s through Joe that we as the viewers get to finally address the awkwardness.

We’re all adults.

Being non-related adults.

Having adult relationships.

Flashpoint Three and Final Flashpoint

Bad idea

After defeating the Mirror Master and the Top, Jessie and Harrison return to Earth two, leaving our Flash gang with another Earth Harrison Wells or HR as he’s calling himself.

I’m going with in horrible wrong. This is a bad idea guys… I know it, you know it… the teaser for next week knows it.

I’m wondering if next episode’s title “Monster” is in reference to Central City going all Cloverfield or our new Horribly Wrong Harrison Wells?

Let’s find out in the newest Flash Monster!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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