The ‘Bud Light Party’ Loses Election, Advertisements Pulled from TV

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ORLANDO, FL -- Election season is almost over. The keyword: almost.

Many Americans are done with political ads this year, and that goes for the Bud Light Party commercials as well. Bud Light has dropped out of the race, so to speak, when it comes to TV ads this political season.

People didn't seem to like the Bud Light Party. Advertisements had several low ratings on YouTube, including this one. The beer maker had to disable the comments to prevent people from bashing the commercials.

It's not just the Bud Light Party commercials people are sick of. As it turns out, they're sick of all political ads. There's a serious case of voter fatigue happening around the country.

"Every newscast, every football game you'll have a Hillary ad followed by a Trump ad, you know potentially rebutting what was said before and vice versa," said Florida resident James Baker.

Advertisements like the Bud Light commercials are definitely not helping.  Looks like it's bringing America together when it comes to voter fatigue instead.