Supergirl Meets President Wonder Woman (Sort Of) And Faces Roulette’s Arena Of Death

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends!

This episode kicks off with Mon-El breaking out of the DEO in search of a shirt and Supergirl being more concerned about getting a blow-out before meeting President Linda Carter than going after Mon-El, the unknown potential the alien threat.

Next, Supergirl’s on the tarmac as President Linda Carter arrives in her jet..

Not that jet.....

More like AirForce One… der Woman…

But a Supergirl stops an alien attack from killing President Carter and we’re introduce to Maggie Sawyer.

In the comics, Maggie Sawyer is head of the metropolis Special Crimes Unit.

She has no obvious powers other than her charm, which in the comics led to a marriage proposal by Kate Kane -  Batwoman.

Like her comic counter-part, TV Maggie Sawyer wastes no time getting motorcycle flirty and taking Alex Danvers to an underground club for Aliens.

It’s at this bar we spot our actual alien threat and a get glimpse of May’gann Morze, the Miss Martian.

In a scene between Supergirl and Mon-El, it is revealed that Mon-El’s planet Daxam was destroyed in the same disaster as Krypton, leaving Mon-El orphaned just like Kara and Kal.

Finally, Supergirl defeats the real alien threat to the President and just after signing the Alien Amnesty Act we get a tease that President Linda Carter may be more that human!

But it’s the next episode tease that has me gaming!

Introducing Roulette!

Roulette first appeared the comics as an adversary to the Justice Society of America and a relative to Terry Sloan, Mr. Terrific.

While Supergirl is still on an Earth different from Flash and Arrow, it is interesting the producers are making connections. Roulette is a non-powered high-tech gambler and gamer, pitting heroes and villains in area style battles.

So get ready for a battle Royale as Supergirl and Miss Martian fight their way through Roulette’s arena of death in Supergirl’s next episode “Survivors”.

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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