Michael Douglas Raises Concerns About Val Kilmer’s Health

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Yesterday (Oct. 30, 2016), Michael Douglas confirmed what Val Kilmer has denied for years: the actor is battling cancer. Page Six reports that Douglas made the confession while discussing their 1996 film The Ghost in the Darkness in London saying, “Val was a wonderful guy who is dealing with exactly what I had, and things don’t look too good for him,” Douglas, who battled tongue cancer back in 2010, revealed that’s why Kilmer has been keeping such a low profile the last few years. Rumors about Kilmer possibly having throat cancer surfaced last year when he was hospitalized after he began bleeding from his throat.

LONDON — Actor Michael Douglas has painted a grim picture of his former co-star Val Kilmer’s health, but Kilmer insists he’s conducting business as usual.

At an event in London Sunday, Douglas told the crowd that Kilmer, with whom he starred in 1996’s “The Ghost and the Darkness,” is “dealing with exactly what I had,” referring to oral cancer, and that “things don’t look too good for him.”

Kilmer’s health has been a point of concern since last year after reports he was battling cancer.

“My prayers are with him. That’s why you haven’t heard too much from Val lately,” Douglas said, according to the Telegraph.

Kilmer, however, continues making promotional plans for his movie “Cinema Twain,” a filmed version of his one-man play about Mark Twain.

In a note posted to Facebook on Monday, Kilmer wrote: “Hope I see some of you out there on the trail!”

Kilmer did not directly address Douglas’ comments, but he did share a possibly telling quote from Twain.

“‘The recent news of my death has been greatly exaggerated…’ MARK TWAIN. And his values and spirit live on even now! And I’m sure still standing!” he wrote.

One year ago, rumors began to swell about Kilmer’s health after it was reported he had been taken to the hospital. He denied them in a Facebook post saying, “There’s a rumor I’m unwell again and in hospital which is totally untrue.”

A few months later, he was spotted out with a tracheostomy tube, causing concern. He has since had it removed, according to photos posted to social media.

Kilmer’s representative has not returned a request for comment.

Douglas battled stage four oral cancer but was later declared cancer free.