Hormon-NO! Men Quit Birth Control Study After Suffering ‘Moody’ Side Effects

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SCOTLAND -- Most women have been there. Those tiny birth control pills do more than control birth. Sometimes, it's so bad, we wish the guys could get a dose of what nausea, acne, depression and the unwelcome mood swings feel like. Well, believe it or not, scientists were this 👌🏻 close to making that happen! But, surprisingly a few men tapped out early during a male birth control experiment.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh injected 320 men between ages 18 and 45 with two hormones containing Progestogen and Testosterone. Both would apparently help prevent pregnancy in their female spouses.

The study was going smoothly until 20 of the dudes decided to chunk the deuces after catching some pretty strong feelings. Yes, we're talking mood swings!

But, the best and worst part of all this? The study revealed it is possible to have a hormonal contraception for men after all! But, it looks like the fellas will have to woman  up before it happens.