Fiery Fart! Woman’s Poot Reportedly Sparks Fire During Surgery

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JAPAN -- Here's a story that'll probably creep you out and make you LOL at the same time! But, don't laugh too hard because you might fart and then start a fire. According to a Japanese newspaper that reportedly happened to a patient at Tokyo Medical University hospital.

Apparently, it all went down or should we say "out" when a lady was undergoing surgery on her cervix and uterus. The incident itself happened in April, but a report released by the hospital on October 28th revealed that a laser used during the procedure was ignited by the woman's intestinal gas.

There ain't no telling what she ate that day!

But, all jokes aside, the woman did end up with bad burns on her legs and waist! No word if anyone else suffered from the fiery fart.

Sheesh! Who knew letting it rip, could possibly turn into R.I.P.?!