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TravelFix: Drew Goes for the Record Books!

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DALLAS - It’s not all about relaxing and partying for our traveler. This week, Drew’s sights are set on getting his name into the record books.

"On November 2, I will be attempting to set a Guinness Book of World Record in Germany. I always collected Guinness books as a kid and it's always been my dream to be in the book.”

But Drew originally had ambitions that were even too big for Guinness.

"I first applied to be the fastest person to visit all seven wonders of the world but they denied it and they told me that I can visit the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 24 hours so that's the record that I'm attempting. A UNESCO site is recognized by the U.N. as having natural or cultural significance. So the Great Wall of China is an example, the Pyramids of Giza is an example, the Taj Mahal."

Drew has his route mapped out so it gives him the best chance of setting the record.

"I`ll be starting in Quedlinburg, Germany, which is a really small town, visiting the old churches there, which is a UNESCO site, and then I`ll be taking trains to other sites here. Then in Berlin, there's 3 sites and then I`ll be flying to Amsterdam and then doing five more sites in Holland. Once again, this is in 24 hours."

He also has a specific reason why he chose this part of the world, “Germany and The Netherlands have a high density of sites and it's really easy to get around there. Also, Trains run on time in Germany."

There are some specific rules he has to follow as well.

"I have to visit a minimum of 12 sites. The other rule is I can only use public transportation, so planes, buses, and trains. I'm not allowed to rent a car and drive around because if I rented a car I'd be able to visit a lot more and it wouldn't really be challenging."

So will setting and breaking world records become a trend for Drew in future trips?

"If this all goes through and it works I would like to do more world records. That's kind of like a really unique angle for someone who does what I do. A lot of people blog but nobody's in the Guinness Book so if I can all of a sudden have like 3, 4, 5 records I think that would really make a name for myself."

If you want to follow Drew’s pursuit of the record, step-by-step, you can add him on Snapchat and check out his progress starting November 2 as he looks to get his name in the Guinness Book of World Records!
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