North Texas Vet Looking to Break Another World Record

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ADDISON -- Guy Valentino is no stranger to pushing it to the limit.

“Last year, I broke the world record in pull ups. I did 5,862 for Veterans Operation Wellness with Spike TV. That was challenging within itself but I'm so thankful too, to have that platform to encourage veterans to get back in shape.'

Guy, who is a veteran himself, has made it his mission to help vets coming back from overseas.

“It’s hard to transition from a warlike location and place and that mentality to civilian lifestyle where things are calm. Because every sight or sound or smell can trigger what it`s like on the battlefield, and I experienced that.”

And according to Guy, when he returned he also came back with a traumatic brain injury, among other health problems.

“This year could have been my last year on this earth. That's how far my health had gone down hill.”

With the help from the folks at Cerebrum Health Centers, Guy was able to get back on track. Now he is looking to inspire other vets by attempting to break another world record.

“I’m attempting to break the world record for the fastest tire flip for one mile in the veterans day parade on November 11 in New York City.'

With each flip of the nearly 300-pound tire,  a donation to the National Foundation for Brain Health will be made. But Guy says his message is to his fellow vets to wake up.

“Just like I flipped this tire, I want you to make a change in your life today! I want you to change your understanding of what you can accomplish if you just believe!”

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