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Class Act: Adamson Senior Aims To Be A Master Technician

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DALLAS — When the check engine light comes on and the smoke starts pouring out, it’s guys like Damian Gonzalez, our Class Act of the Week, who have all the answers.

Damian is a senior at Adamson High where he’s a big part of the school’s automotive program.

“I’ve been here for all the four years that it was offered and I can say I knew a lot about cars before, but now I know that much more,” said Damian. “And it’s really fun to get to learn stuff every single day, in and out of the shop. Not just here working on cars in a controlled environment but to actually go and work on cars at home or, say, if someone’s broke down and you know exactly what the problem is, you can go and help them.”

It’s a hands-on program like none other, and one that gives Damian a chance to follow his passion for cars that he’s had his whole life!

“Actually I’ve got a wallpaper that I’ve never changed since I was seven years old, true story it’s still NASCAR,” Damian laughed.

And he’s set some lofty goals for himself, aiming to one day be a Porsche Master Technician.

“Masters is where you not only do simple things from lube to valet to wash but that you can actually go out into the shop and you can perform very complex things such as logging into the engine’s computer and remapping the ECU,” he explained. “Or you can take out a whole engine and swap it in with another one or swap the transmission if necessary. Big things like that that most people would not be able to do and even some technicians cannot do themselves.”

Yeah, it’s being an engineer, a mechanic, a computer whiz and a surgeon all wrapped into one, but thanks to the school’s program and his hard work, Damian has what it takes to go under the hood and come out on top!

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