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Trick-or-Treatment: Nursing Students Simulate Halloween Injuries

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DALLAS--Nobody likes it when a night of trick-or-treating ends with a trip to the E.R., but it happens about 4,000 times every year across the country during the Halloween season.

Nursing students from Texas Woman's University are going through the drill so they're ready to make smart decisions under pressure.

"Here, they can make the mistake, see what happens when the mistake is made, so that they'll remember and never make that mistake on real people," said Michele Trinka, Assistant Clinical Professor.

They're ready for anything from a pumpkin carving accident to candle burns to cars hitting pedestrians or anything that might happen.

They're using mannequins for practice...

"They're actually quite real. We use a lot of makeup on the mannequins," Trinka sad. "They'll come and say 'the mannequin's feet are blue. Are they supposed to be blue?' And we're like 'yeah, they ARE supposed to be blue because they're cold."

So they're ready in a real crisis.

But let's hope the worst thing that happens on your Halloween is a sugar buzz.

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