Simon Says: I’m Sick of All these Stupid Polls!

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DALLAS -- It’s almost over folks. That means we can finally stop hearing about poll results for this election. Aren’t you sick and tired of hearing those poll numbers?

He’s ahead. She’s ahead. It’s a  tight race.


It’s like  our elections have turned into one of those horse race games at an arcade. How can anyone be in the lead before a single vote is cast? We’ve become a country of poll watchers. So many people use a “ %” to help form their opinions.  Stanford University looked into it. They found some voters switched sides just to be part of a winning team.

That’s some scary stuff, because even though there is science behind polling,  there is also the ”margin of error”.  That’s the pollster's way of saying take my numbers, but if they’re wrong it’s not my fault.

Search around folks,  you can find a poll that suits you.  It didn’t take long for me to find two stories about polls on climate change.

Here's one. Below is another:

One issue, two different  results.

Think about this : how many politicians do you think make decisions based on the way the polls are moving ? It’s kind of like that feather in Forrest Gump.

Polls are supposed to get a beat of the country, but sometimes they don’t get a pulse. So  please read them with caution, BUT think for yourself! That’s advice that should not be taken lightly ( like that feather).

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