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SEE IT: Another Viral Picture Of Mom Passed Out on Heroin While Son In Car

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HOPE, IN -- It was just last month that a viral picture showed two parents in Ohio reportedly overdosed on heroin. Their 4-year-old kid was left stranded in the back seat. Police who found the family shared the picture on social media to raise awareness of heroin addiction.

But now, a 25-year-old mom in the small town of Hope, Indiana isn't giving us much "hope." Another picture has surfaced. This time, cops say they found the parent passed out, the syringe still in hand, while her 10-month-old  son cried for help.

Marshal Matthew Tallent says, "A lot of people think this heroin problem is in bigger cities." "I  wanted to show this is a problem that`s leaking into rural communities," he added.

The 25-year-old's own mother can't  even seem to get the disturbing image out of her head.

"It was horrible, the image will never, ever ever leave my mind. Every time I close my eyes I see it," she told FOX 59.

We might dwell on these pictures for a viral minute, but just imagine the family, friends or kid who'll live with it forever.

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