New App Brings 911 Calls into 21st Century

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NEW YORK, NY - Smartphones have transformed the speed and transparency with which we learn about potential crimes across the country. now a company wants to take things a step further by tapping into your phone`s power to prevent incidents before they even happen.

The app is called vigilante and its goal is to enhance the effectiveness of a 911 call by alerting everyone within a quarter mile that a crime may be taking place. Instead of a 911 call being the closed system it is now it`ll be an open system that will give the community a heads-up.

Perhaps the most important feature is the ability to broadcast live on nearby incidents and then immediately upload the video to social media outlets; a move which could provide crucial real-time evidence that otherwise would`ve never been recorded.

As of now New York is the only city in the country in which vigilante operates. The app is expected to launch in additional U.S. cities next year.

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