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West Dallas Residents Facing Eviction Seek Help From City Council

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DALLAS -- For many folks, home is where the heart is. But for some renters in west Dallas those homes are hanging in the balance.

“Last month, my mom got a notice in the mail saying that we had to leave our home by October 31. I see these type of things happen on the news but I never thought it would happen to my family," said one West Dallas resident.

“I pay my rent on time, I do what I'm supposed to do as a tenant, even though HMK has neglected our families and their responsibilities,” Ashton Elder told the Dallas City Council.

At Wednesday's Dallas city council meeting, those folks who are facing eviction spoke to elected officials, asking for help to be able to buy the homes they’re being forced out of, for a reasonable price.

“Everyone is just nervous. There is nowhere to go at the moment. Everything is booked up. There's no affordable living," Elder said. "A lot of us cant afford to move out.”

Mayor Mike Rawlings weighed in on the situation. “They are an important part of our citizenry, and they are the future of our city. We want to make sure that they're safe. And we are working on everything we can do, within legal rights on the state and federal level to make sure they're protected and have housing.’

Recently, a judge put their evictions on hold, but that’s only temporary. For folks like Ashton Elder,  that is very little comfort.

“It’s hard waking up every day not knowing if they`re going to recant on the restraining order, or they’re going to come to us and say, 'we're going to help you guys.’ It's just a very stressful moment.”

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