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Pulling A Justin Timberlake Isn’t the Only Thing You Shouldn’t Do At The Polls

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When Justin Timberlake took a patriotic selfie at the polls Monday, Some people cried a river about it! The superstar apparently broke a law while motivating fans to vote early in his hometown of Memphis. Turns out, it's illegal in Tennessee to take pictures at the voting booth. Who knew?!

Luckily, JT dodged a 30-day jail time and $50 fine for his #BallotSelfie! But,  since we're not all celeb status like ya boy, there are some things we regular folks should know.

First off, every state is different. Here in Texas, don't even think about messing with your phone. State law says voters cannot bring any "wireless communication" or "recording device" within 100 feet of a voting station!

Why you're at it, leave your gun in the car, too! Gun-friendly Texas ain't so friendly about firearms at the polls!

Also, what you wear could keep you from casting a ballot. So, when you rock the vote try not to rock a hat and shirt with your favorite politician on it!

Ok, so what may not be clear is what you do bring, right?

You must present a form of photo ID. This includes a current Texas driver license, identification card, election certificate, military ID, license-to-carry card, U.S. passport, or citizenship document that features your picture.


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