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Fashion Fix: Jade & Clover in Deep Ellum

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DALLAS -- There are a lot of boutiques surrounding the city of Dallas, each offering chic styles and unique items store owners swear you can't get anywhere else. But one store in the middle of Deep Ellum is offering nothing but good vibes!

"When two people meet or people come together, I think it's about a feeling they get of comfort. And so I really wanted this to be a space in which people could come and feel comfortable, “says Giselle Ruggeburg, owner of Jade & Clover.

Giselle picked her location in Deep Ellum during a time of transformation, bringing more of the community together than ever before.

“Deep Ellum is a really cool place because it’s a mesh of so many different kinds of people. To be able to have a space where it doesn't matter where you come from or what you do but you can coexist."

And coexist they do. But don't get it twisted. This local shop is giving out more than just good energy!

"One thing that we carry is local artist Shamsy and she does really cool art pieces on the wall. She does awesome installations. We also have beer soap which is made locally, then we carry 660 Guitars which are a couple of guys out of east Texas that make these guitars out of aluminum it's all U.S.  made and they play amazing."

While supporting local artists, Giselle has also managed to create different realms of creativity within a retail store including a succulent bar where you can make your own terrarium.

"Sometimes you'll look around the table and you'll just see all these different types of people and that to me is beautiful. There's no biased, there's no source of judgment and it’s just everyone building together."

While some are still going to go to the mall, you just might get something more out of shopping small.

"Just by coming in here and coexisting with us, is probably one of the most beautiful parts."


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