Carrollton SWAT Kills Man Linked to Sex Trafficking

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CARROLLTON -  Cops shot and killed a guy they knew had a long rap sheet. They just didn’t know where he was until a teenage girl showed up and told them Malcolm Hickson was at an Intown Suites.

Jolene Devito of the Carrollton Police Department says, “Overnight, when a woman in great distress came to the police department, told us she had been held here against her will by this man and was being used in sex trafficking.”

That's when SWAT showed up and learned there was another teenage girl willingly inside with Hickson. He eventually came down with hands up, but not for long. He initially complied, but then clearly went for the gun. When he went for his gun, he was shot one time," said Devito.

Hickson later died at the hospital, and no officers were injured. Police say the SWAT team does not yet have body cameras.