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Boos & Don’ts For Your Next Office Costume Party

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DALLAS-- Halloween is creeping up so it's time for the costume parties! While you can get away with almost anything at your friends' shindig, that doesn't mean you can at the workplace. Wearing the wrong thing could earn you a trip to HR!

So, our boos over at treated us to a few costume do's and don'ts for the office.

First off, DO leave the toy guns or weapons at home. You could either send the wrong message or accidentally hurt someone.

DON'T wear anything sexy or revealing! That Sexy Ken Bone may be trending but you don't want to become the topic of bad conversation. Just sayin'!

DO keep politics and religion out of it. This ain't that type of party, so the Hillary and Donald masks might offend your co-worker. Let's just say, dressing up as the Pope = a nope!

DON'T wear anything too gory or graphic, a lot of blood can get real messy and you don't want people to be too scared to come talk to you!

DO participate in the festivities. At least try to dress up and have fun! No one, not even your boss, likes a party pooper!

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