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Boom Box: Hip Hop Artists and Philanthropy

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DALLAS -- We all take notice of artists with flashy cars, big houses and a lavish lifestyle but we sometimes fail to spotlight their other side, the philanthropic side.

Numerous artists invest their time and money supporting their local communities, important causes abroad and those in need in general.

For example, Snoop Dogg! Outside of coaching his nonprofit youth football league, he`s raised money for many charities and founded Save a Life Foundation working with inner city kids and hospitals. Clearly proving, he’s passionate about other things too!

Smooth singer Akon is providing electricity for six-hundred million Africans through his Akon Lighting Africa Initiative.  50 Cent set a goal to feed one billion African children by the end of the year!

Next up is P Diddy. Diddy co-founded a charter school in Harlem that opened its doors this school year.  Now, Nelly sends two kids to college every year but he's having IRS problems so that might not happen this year.

And most recently, Jay Z and Beyoncé donated fifteen million to Haiti after Hurricane Matthew.

T.I., The Game, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar and many more continue to prove their hearts are bigger than their pockets, well sometimes!



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