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Race for Texas Close as North Texas Sees Record Early Voter Turnout

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NORTH TEXAS - When it comes to politics the state of Texas has long been dominated by the party of red, in fact, it`s been four decades since a Democratic presidential candidate has actually carried the Lone Star State.

But could Texas now be singing a different voting tune? The most recent polls are showing that the gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Texas is now close enough to classify Texas as a toss-up.

Texas hasn`t always been dominated by the GOP. From 1872 to 1976 Texas voted Democratic in the majority of elections. That changed in 1980 and Texas has been red ever since.

This election`s potential toss-up factor may explain why there was a record turnout of early voters on Monday. More than 58,000 residents voted in Dallas County. In Tarrant County, it was more than 43,000 and in Collin County, more than 30,000 people showed up to vote.

Some of those numbers nearly double the turnout for the first day of early voting in the two previous elections. So it seems that voters in Texas know what's at stake, especially those who lean towards voting Republican.

Will it be the same old song for Texas this election or will those who vote red be singing the blues?

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