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13 Halloween Pumpkin Carving FAILs

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One of the Halloween jack-o'-lanterns made by children and their parents and then exhibited on the lawn at the children day care center.

Fall is such a great time of year. The air is crisp (Meteorologist Kevin Roth swears it’s coming), high school football is in full swing, and there are incredible Halloween pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns sitting out for all the world to see.

And then there are these.

It’s not about the artistry or the level of expertise — celebrating Halloween pumpkin carving is about trying and not giving up. Being just like (most of) the things we dress up as when we go trick-or-treating.

Do any of the Star Wars characters give up? No, they don’t. They keep coming back sequel after prequel after sequel. Because they’re not quitters.

Do pirates give up before they get the treasure? No. Some of them even end up with peg legs and nagging parrots on their shoulders, but they give it their all.

Do any of the Disney princesses give up? No, they do not. They mess up their hair flying at high speeds on that ratty carpet and they cook and clean for a bunch of short old men, but they Do. Not. Give. Up.

We don’t want to be Jack-O-Lantern shamers, but really guys. Come on.

Let’s look.

Okay, the point is… you tried. For about a minute and a half.

You know what? All you did here was give up. It’s not like we don’t feel ya — we do — we could come out of every staff meeting with this attitude, but we don’t. And neither should you.

Just NO. We’re sorry if your mom is still mad at you for this, but NO.

Kudos to @allylawrence17 for admitting she was going for a Justin Bieber likeness. That alone takes effort. Because this resembles exactly zero of the looks we’ve seen from The Biebs. And we’ve seen a few.

Uh…. you missed.

Good try. But the only thing it’s a portal to is the other side of the pumpkin. Unless….. hey, when’s the last time anyone has seen @SarahBethBrooks??


NO!! Are you serious? Get that poor baby out of that pumpkin goop. And your pumpkin looks like Bonnie & Clyde have been driving it! NO!

We’re concerned this may be a hostage situation involving the dog. Or maybe the dog just doesn’t want to be Spider-Man for Halloween?

Oh now come on! Would you put this on Grandma’s porch?

If you are older than 7, this is unacceptable. Minimalist is not an excuse. It’s just another word for lazy.

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We’ll give you props for getting an early start, but…

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Even babies know when you take short cuts. And they stay disappointed in you a lot longer than we do.

Happy Halloween! We’d love to see your creations!! No, really, we really do! And we won’t judge (too harshly)!

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