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Drunk Driving! Self-Driving Beer Truck Passes 120mi Delivery Test

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COLORADO -- If you think Uber is the next best thing since sliced bread, you're really about to get toasted off this news! The company picked up a truck load of beer from destination a then drove 120 miles and dropped it off at destination b!

Not impressed yet?

Well, the best part is the beer truck was self-driven. Nobody was behind the wheel the whole time. Turns out the Uber driver was just there for the ride along!

Pretty smart move for the Uber geniuses who teamed up with tech company Otto for the historic beer run.

And speaking of history,

The National Drug and Alcohol Research Center claims the ladies may be catching up with the guys in alcohol consumption!

After researchers looked at 100 years of data, they determined over time the "gap" between the sexes is slowly fizzling away!

Back in the day men drank twice as much as women. Now, you can catch more women at the bar chugging some cold ones!

Raise your glass if you're more surprised by the self-driving beer truck than the guzzling girl!

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