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Dallas Company To Auction Ten Commandments, On One Condition

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DALLAS - At the Heritage Auctions building in Uptown, behind closed doors, they have the oldest tablet of the Ten Commandments. But not as old as Moses.

The Tablet was created sometime around 300 to 500 AD and is written in Hebrew script in Samaritan.

The tablet has been translated and lists most of the Ten Commandments except for one. “This tablet actually omits the commandment, thy shall not take thy Lords name in vein. Instead replaces it, urging the Samaritans to build a temple," said Eric Bradley of Heritage Auctions.

The Tablet was first built for a synagogue in Israel. Now the Israeli Government is allowing Heritage Auctions to sell the marble slab, on one condition. “On the condition that it would be on display at all times," said Bradley.

So if you got a few bones to spare, starting bid is $250,000. The tablet will be sold in Beverly Hills on November 16.

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