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Another Dallas Homeless Encampment Cleared Out, Cleaned Up

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DALLAS -- It's a story we've seen plenty of times before.  A group of homeless Dallasites, cleared out from their camp under a bridge.

This time, it was under I-30 at Haskell Avenue.

"They're moving out," said Dave Hogan, Manager of Dallas PD's Crisis Intervention Unit. "Essentially into some shelters, some housing, but a lot of them will move into another encampment.  Unfortunately, we don't have enough housing right now - permanent, supported housing - to place the people."

Yeah, Hogan admits the cleanup, which involved two big box trucks with hazmat teams, isn't an ideal solution, but says it is a necessary step for health and safety when encampments become too large.

"You know if you just have a few people in a small area, it's not much of a problem," Hogan said. "But then you reach, you know, 30 or 40, 50 people, in a small area like this and you have public safety and public health problems."

The city will use the former encampment as storage space, most likely for TXDOT materials.  A new fence gate was installed while the hazmat crews did their thing.

If you hate the homelessness problem that plagues our community, Hogan has a few suggestions.

"One thing we always encourage people not to do is to come and offer feedings and those kinds of things," he told NewsFix. "That doesn't help.  That enables them to be homeless better, maybe, or a little bit longer, but it doesn't help get them out of homelessness.  The best thing to do is actually give to the shelters and the homeless-serving agencies.  It may not give them the gratification of giving a 5- or 10-dollar (bill) into somebody's hand, but it's better for them.  It actually helps get them out of homelessness."

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