25 DFW Halloween Photos That Show How Crazy We Can Get During October

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by Rachel Renea, NewsCastic

DFW has some truly diehard Halloween fans.

From over-the-top yard decorations to nationally ranked haunted houses, to street festivals and costume parties that will blow your mind, DFW knows how to celebrate this spook-tacular October holiday.

In honor of the Halloween season, we’ve pulled together 25 photos that really show off just how spine-tingling things can get around DFW:

Hangman’s House of Horrors

This haunted house in Ft. Worth was featured on the Travel Channel’s show “America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions.” It also boasts itself as the world’s largest charity haunted house.

Cutting Edge Haunted House

Also located in Ft. Worth, this haunted house is consistently ranked as one of the scariest and has even won a Guinness World Record for longest haunted house walk-through. It has also been ranked #1 in the country by HauntedHouseRatings.com. Oh, and it’s located in an abandoned meatpacking plant.

Pine Lakes Halloween Home Haunt

This house in Plano does not play around with the yard thrills, which include special effects and live actors. It switches up its horrors every year and has been featured on HGTV’s Home Strange Home.

Yard Haunt

How’s your Halloween yard game? We’re not sure if it’s the glowing eyes, the tricycle, or the stockade that is scariest here…

Scarecrow Stockade

… seriously, would this guy or the girl turning her head creep you out more?

The Dark Path Haunt

If yards seem too tame, check out this haunt in Denton. It’s a pathway through the woods filled with every terror man has ever conjured. Oh, and they only give one flashlight per group to navigate the pathways. Truly hair-raising.

Zombie Manor

This walking dead spookhouse is located in a 19th-century manor house in Arlington. Hold onto your brains!

Fright Fest

Whew. Thrills with a few less chills are offered every year at Six Flags over Texas.


Swiss and Munger

via Flickr: Susan Batterman

The East Dallas neighborhood at Swiss Avenue and Munger Place goes all out for Halloween. This place gets thousands of trick-or-treat visitors each year.

The Parker House

Featuring a mortuary and a sanitarium, this Denton haunted house is a regular on the metro’s list of top haunted houses.


Oaklawn Block Party

via Flickr: Toddius Zho


For a break from the gore, this street festival includes a costume parade, live music, beer stands and all manner of revelry. This is one majorly Texas-sized shindig.


Boo at the Zoo

The Ft. Worth zoo offers treat stations and decorations throughout the zoo for Halloween. Visitors are encouraged to dress up in family-friendly costumes. A nice respite from the terror.


Neighborhood Watch

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Think your Halloween game is top shelf? Check out this night patrolman and think again!


Costume Parties

Dallasites love their costume parties with several to choose from around town including in Deep Ellum and Uptown, as well as the annual W Hotel bash.  Better up the ante on your costume game around here!


Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival

Did you know there is a candlelit parade to close out the festivities each year? Stick around after the coffin race and take part. Parade starts at 7 pm. After the parade continue the festivities at the main stage at 8 pm for a sparkler lighting. Shine your sparklers during during the final musical act of the show. Denton's Day of the Dead Festival is on October 29 this year. Photo by @edsteelephotography #dentondayofthedead #denton #dentoning #dentontx #dentondodfest #wddi #dentondayofthedeadfestival #den10 #latergram #losmuertos #diadelosmuertos #sugarskull #festivals #thingstodo #events #octoberevents #boxcarrace #boxcarracing #theneedforspeed #unt #twu @onlyindenton @discoverdenton @thedentonite @denton_rc

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Aside from the Oaklawn Block Party, this annual street festival is one of many outdoor celebrations held throughout the metro. It includes a coffin race and a candlelit parade.

Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson features cult classic Halloween films, including The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Halloween, a whole evening for the Nightmare on Elm Street marathon. And it’s not the only theater offering up classic horror movies with movie revelers able to enjoy screenings of Psycho, Hocus Pocus, American Psycho, and more. You name it, Dallas is showing it.

The Boneyard Haunted House

If you thought we were done with haunted houses, we were just warming up.  This is Texas… everything is bigger and better here. This haunted house is yet another in The Guinness Book of World Records for the largest walk-through haunted house with over a mile and a half of wit-scaring carnage.

Reindeer Manor Amusement Park

There’s nothing amusing about this amusement park unless you like gut-wrenching terror. This haunted house has been going for 40 years and CLAIMS TO ACTUALLY BE HAUNTED. In fact, they do ghost tours in the off season and have been spotlighted in numerous local and national publications. Hello.



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Another top-ranked DFW haunted house is located in Terrell. One big thrill at this location is the opportunity to participate in a seance party.

Tayman Graveyard Haunted Theme Park

Located in an abandoned gold mine, this haunted house features dark corridors and ghosts from the past. Its location makes it one of the creepiest haunted houses in DFW.


Hallo-Wine Trail

Wine cocktails at Umbra Winery!

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Relaxed revelry for the season in DFW includes a winery tour in Grapevine.  This tour includes stops at multiple wineries to drink away the fright of all the season’s ghosts and ghouls.


Dallas Arboretum

Found my Prince Charming!

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The Dallas Arboretum provides a landmark destination in Dallas any time of the year. But for Halloween, it provides another laid back and family-friendly option to enjoy the festivities along with the many other pumpkin patches and pumpkin festivals throughout Dallas.


Catfish Plantation Restaurant

Hallways in the Catfish.

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For more creepy fun without the haunted house extremes, the Catfish Plantation Restaurant provides spooky decorations to enjoy every Halloween.


Garage Haunt

Not to waste all the space we have down in Texas, making sure we utilize those garages to spook our neighbors, too.


Dallas Streets

Did we mention we like costume parties down here? We’re not sure if everyone should applaud this guy… or RUN!!