Hot Dog! Wild West Pet Palooza Puts in 96 Shows at State Fair

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DALLAS -- Day 24 of the State Fair of Texas meant one final day for corny dogs and also performing dogs in Fair Park.

Nearly 100 dogs, cats, pigs, parrots, and porcupines wrapped up a stretch of 96 Wild West Pet Palooza performances in front of Big Tex through the course of this year's fair, and if you saw them it's not hard to tell they're highly trained.

"Callie’s stick jump routine here took a couple months just to get that whole routine down," trainer Amit Gorlicki said, motioning toward a Golden Retriever jumping a stick held by another trainer. "Teaching her to jump over the stick the first time didn’t take that long, but to teach her the entire routine takes a little longer."

Even cooler than the acts these animals perform and the training that went into them is that this show isn't filled with "Best in Show" types.

"The best part is, it features all rescued and rehabilitated animals that we got from shelters and rescues all over the country," Gorlicki said.

Yep. These are the same animals any one of us can go adopt.

This was a trained all-star group from Joel Slaven's Professional Animals, sent just for the State Fair of Texas. If you're wondering if the large number of shows tires them out, you should know not every animal performs in every show, and even if they'd most likely be raring to go.

"If we ever don't use an animal and try to give them a day off, they're usually back there going nuts saying, 'Why is everybody else getting to play and do the show while I'm back here not getting to do the show?'"

But for now, so long Big Tex, and farewell to our four legged and feathered friends.

At least until next year!