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The Donald Increases Janet Jackson’s ‘Nasty’ Sales

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Say what you want about Donald Trump, but the man has always been business savvy. Who else could drop such "nasty" words on Wednesday night and increase sales for the real nasty woman the next day?!

Aye, don't call it a comeback, but Donald just unknowingly spiked Janet Jackson's Nasty sales on Spotify. The streaming service says the 1986 hit single has seen a 250 % surge in plays!

The power of free promotion!

Remember when Nike decided to create self-lacing shoes? Suddenly everybody was going Back to the Future (again).

And of course in music, Teyana Taylor was re-discovered by people when she appeared in Kanye's Fade music video. Little do they know, she's been around since her Sweet Sixteen.

Unfortunately when an artist passes away, that's when some of us decide to show major love. The late Prince sold more than 4 million albums and songs following his death.

So, whether it's nasty or nice, all publicity is good publicity, right?

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