Dez Bryant Makes BIG & BOLD Cowboys Predictions — You Agree?

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FRISCO -- When Tony Romo suffered yet another injury this preseason, no one could've predicted that a rookie QB would lead the Cowboys to a 5-1 record to open the season.

Well, almost no one.

It looks like we need to start referring to the man known for "throwing up the X" as Professor X, because even though Dez Bryant’s body has shown wear and tear this year, his mind has been picking up the slack with some impressive predictions.

Prediction #1 -- Back in August during training camp, Dez hinted that beleaguered cornerback Mo Claiborne was playing with some “extra juice” this season. Well, Claiborne is currently having the best season of his career and was recently rated as the top corner in the league.

Prediction #2 -- Now Dez has moved on to bigger and bolder predictions. The star wideout says he sees Ezekiel Elliott running for at least 2,000 yards this season. That means that Elliott would shatter the current rookie rushing record by 200 yards. Right now, Elliot leads the league in rushing and is on pace to get 1,875 yards.

But Dez doesn't just make predictions about his teammates. He's also used his psychic talents to predict the breakout of Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson.

So, what's next for Dez? Predicting who will be the starting QB? Or what about a possible Super Bowl appearance this year?

We’ll all just have to stay tuned until the next time Dez decides to look into his crystal ball.

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