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Chew on This: Unique Eats

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FAIR PARK – This week we're taking the road less traveled down the midway to find some unique eats from cultures that you normally don't see – or should we say taste, at the State Fair of Texas.

Case in point: the stuffed wings, a Thai take on fried chicken.

"Stuffed wings basically started with mom, my mother-in-law actually,” Angel Young told NewsFix. "It's a chicken wing that she de-boned, and she decided she's gonna stuff it with chicken and rice that's been seasoned with our family recipe of herbs and spices. And then we re-stuff the wing and then we fry it."

Chew on This: The stuffed wings offer a healthier option for fair goers because they're not breaded and they're gluten free!

"It's a concept that people don't understand until they actually eat it and they're like 'Oh my gosh,'" Young said.

Another OMG-worthy option at the fair is giving off island vibes – it's the Caribbean Korn- a-Copia from Doc's Street Grill.

"Basically it's a pineapple that's been hallowed out and it's been filled with Caribbean vegetable fried rice,” Steve Alade told Newsfix.

Alade is the owner of Doc’s Street Grill. “On one side we have Caribbean grill shrimp, and then marinated grill shrimp on the other side."

And it's topped with a tropical pineapple salsa and pineapple rum glaze.

"It has a lot of pop, it has a lot of burst, and good flavors,” Alade said.

And if looks could kill, this baby would be deadly.

Hey from all things bacon to all things fried to the unconventional, the State Fair of Texas is simply a cornucopia of all things delicious.

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