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Can’t Get Your Freak On? You’re Disabled, Says WHO

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GENEVA, SWITZERLAND -- Having a hard time getting action these days?

No, seriously.

If you can't find a sex partner or just don't have one, The World Health Organization now classifies you as a "disabled" person.

Before you get all hot and bothered by this news, we'll break down it down for you!

The organization's new rules say any person without a partner or lacks sexual activity in order to have kids basically has a disability.  So, whether you're single, gay, straight, man or women -- WHO says this will now give everybody "the right to reproduce" and have the same access IVF as someone with fertility issues.

So there you have it. You can have 99 problems, but baby making won't be one!

But, hold on, if not-getting-any is a disability how do you explain that sick call to your boss?

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