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Simon Says: Trump/Clinton Vegas Party Tapes leaked!

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Have you noticed the headlines that seem to have legs on Facebook?

It’ll  make your head spin.  Here’s a sample that’s made it into my newsfeed recently: “Hillary and Arranged Lesbian Sex Meetings,”  “Trump Has A Cardiac Arrest,”   “Hillary Can’t  Read, And It’s Really Scary.”

You know what’s scarier? People actually believe this stuff!

It used to be the crazy stories were reserved for the checkout line at the supermarket, now  it’s literally in our face thanks to Facebook. And that’s a big deal.   Because Facebook has become this country’s number one source for news.

Think about it: Facebook is THE window to the world for so many people.  It means headlines that suggest "Bill is not the father of Chelsea," get shared!

And we all know, if it’s on the internet it must be true.

Many people believed and shared a recent story on Facebook about how on 9-11 the Twin Towers were brought down by controlled explosives. It was trending with the help of an algorithm Facebook developed that replaced human editors.

Computers don’t know the difference between fact and fiction, and sadly many people don’t either.

We live in a country where a story like this gets shared and forms opinions.


This is fake. I made it up, but you know someone is going to share it and hate one of these two even more.
That’s a sad state of affairs in this election. Something on Facebook can make a difference because so many people won’t face the truth.

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