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Scan & Go: New App Lets You Skip The Checkout Line At Sam’s

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DALLAS — There’s nothing more annoying than waiting in a long checkout line at the grocery store.

Now the folks over at Sam’s have launched a new app that takes away that line, by taking away the checkout lane altogether!

“They literally come in the doors and shop just like they would but the beauty of the app is instead of having to go through the checkout they can skip the line every time,” explained Club manager John Comer. “As they’re picking up their laundry detergent they scan the item, pick up a case of water they scan the item, and then they bypass the line, hit the payment and as they go through the exit door they just get it verified real quick and then out the door they go.”

And with holiday shopping right around the corner, skipping those crazy lines could save you huge time.

It’s an app innovation that could catch on outside the doors of Sam’s.

“This is just another step in the innovation process,” Comer said. “I could see a lot of retailers trying to at some point copy this but I think it’s just proof that the Sam’s club innovations are on the forefront of what our members want.”

So get on it everyone else. With an app like this you’ll never have to pick the wrong checkout lane again and get stuck behind somebody buying a hundred dollars of groceries with pennies!

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