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Half-Headed Florida Man Busted for Attempted Murder

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MIAMI --  This is NOT photoshop. A guy in Florida actually only has half a head. And now,  he's facing attempted murder and arson charges for a half-brained idea.

Carlos Rodriguez's friends call him "Halfy."


Halfy is accused of setting his mattress on fire, nearly burning down his house and his neighbor's place, WPEC reports. When asked why he did it, he reportedly told cops in Miami that he has "mental issues."


Now, to answer the question you're all asking -- Halfy says he lost a large chunk of his skull and brain when he was just 14.

"I was barred on drugs," Halfy said in a YouTube video. "I hit a pole and flew out the front window and landed on my head."

Despite that, Halfy isn't giving up drugs. Watch as he explains his deformed head and urges kids to "Just Say No" -- all while smoking a blunt!

WARNING: Graphic language


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