State Fair of Texas Vendors See Sweet Payday

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DALLAS -- This isn't American Pie, and we're not talking Stifler's mom. Nope! At the State Fair of Texas, it's all about Stiffler's wife, and she's part owner of a State Fair favorite, Stiffler's Sweet Spot.

"When American Pie came out using our name, at first it was almost kind of, we were embarrassed about it," Tammy Stiffler said. "Now we've kind of embraced it and decided we should go with it."

That includes adding Stiffler's Mom's Hard Root Beer Float to the menu.

Stiffler's is famous for its fried fair creations, rolling out Fried Lemonade, Fried Snickers, Fried S'Mores, and multiple kinds of Fried Oreo.

"We're putting warm sweet goodies in everyone's belly when we come out here, and we have our regular people who come here every year," Stiffler said.

When you're in the land of Big Tex, you know it means big numbers.

"One of my employees started keeping the Oreo trays and stacking them up, and at the end of the day we were like, 'Holy cow!' We're doing well over, at both locations, 100 trays of Oreos per day," Stiffler said.

Of course, that's not the number that really matters.

"We did close to about $500,000 gross," Stiffler said.

Yep, a cool half a million dollars before expenses. The money's a big deal for these vendors, but satisfied faces are what it's really all about.

"We want to give 110% in every area that we can," she said.

Admit it, that's pretty sweet.