See It: Fights Break Out Over Naked Hillary Clinton Statue in NY

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MANHATTAN, N.Y. — People outside the Bowling Green Subway Station in downtown Manhattan were battling over a naked statue of Hillary Clinton during Tuesday’s morning commute.

The obscene statue was put on display by 27-year-old artist Anthony Scioli during Tuesday morning commuter rush hour, according to Daily News. The Democratic candidate was portrayed with a wild facial expression, hoofed feet and a Wall Street banker on resting his head on her bare breast.

The statue didn’t stay up long, though. Within three hours, an enraged woman who worked nearby toppled the Hillary statue and started screaming at its creator.

“To put something up like this in front of my work place…I shouldn’t have to see this,” Nancy, an employee of the National Museum of the American Indian, later told the Daily News.

Around 8:30 a.m., Scioli was told by authorities he had to remove the statue because he didn’t have a permit.

In August, Donald Trump’s caricature was put on display in several cities around the country in much the same fashion.