No Lumberjacks Here: Students Plunge into Log Rolling

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RICHARDSON-You’ve often heard if at first you fail, try and try again. Well that’s true for many things in life, along with the sport of log rolling. Students at the University of Texas at Dallas are getting firsthand experience in a sport associated with lumberjacks, except these log rollers are doing it in the university’s aquatic center.

“Log rolling is a lot of balance, and you never really know what log rolling is until you get on the log roll and you do it. I like to say it’s like running in the water,” said Stephanie Duong, UTD’s very own log queen.

Duong and members of the aquatics staff help encourage members and students to take the plunge and get on the log.

“I practically beg my friends to come out, and I’m like, 'You guys, this is so much fun!' and I post a lot on social media. When they finally come, it’s like,'Oh, that looks fun. I’ve never seen that before,'” Noah Mudd said.

With the sport being fairly new to the university, students say they hope log rolling will take on a new identity as a club. They currently meet at the pool on Wednesdays and ask that everyone interested at least give it a try.

“What to expect from the log roll? Well, falling off. That’ll happen. I can say that my first 50 to 100 times; I just flopped off the log roll,” Duong said.