Fort Worth Goes Online To Access Jurors And Make The Selection Process Easier

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FORT WORTH - You open the mail and its time for jury duty. Then you go to court only to find you’re rejected right away.

Today, Fort Worth Municipal court launched an online Jury summons that should make things a lot easier.

Jury Plus lets citizens go online to deal with jury duty. That means you can disqualify yourself if needed, straight from your own computer without having to see a judge.

Fort Worth Numbers show only about 20% of jury summons go unanswered, with 80% of residents responding to jury duty.

But, a Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, study found that most Texas County’s barely get a 40% participation rate.

Even Dallas county had only a 20% juror participation.

Fort Worth says their new online system will also remind people of jury duty through text and email messages. So if anything changes, expect a text.