Cowboys, Politicians, and The Gatehouse Team Up to Stop Domestic Violence

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FRISCO -- Have you heard about domestic violence in the news lately? Probably not too often ever since Johnny Manziel got into his latest mess at the end of January.

In fact, there have been just two domestic violence arrests in the NFL this year: Manziel on January 30, and Montee Ball on February 5.

Maybe the league's harsher punishments are doing the job to deter would-be offenders, but let's not act like the problem is truly going away on our teams, in our neighborhoods, and maybe even right next door.

"In 2015, right where we live, there were over 40,000 confirmed instances of domestic violence in our cities in Dallas and Tarrant Counties," said President of The Gatehouse, Lisa Rose. "However, 70 percent go unreported, so you can do that math."

For the record, that math comes out to more than 130,000 potential domestic violence cases in DFW, 90,000 of those going unreported.

That's why guests like Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett, Senator John Cornyn, and Cowboys Executive Vice President Charlotte Jones Anderson were at The Star in Frisco Monday supporting The Gatehouse, a place where victims can rebuild and rejuvenate their lives.

Jones Anderson has been part of the NFL's solution, and she wants the 'Boys to join the fight in our community as well.

"You learn a lot along the way, and you want to be able to be part of the solution as you go forward and to really inspire young people, and this is a great example of being able to use a platform like the NFL to make a difference and impact so many people," she said.

The joke Monday was that Cowboys' wins open everyone's pockets. Well, it must be true. Dallas is 5-1, and there was more than $400,000 raised for The Gatehouse in a single day. A lot of that is tabbed to build a new learning center for the community.

We're far from ending domestic violence, but our politicians and our Cowboys are committing to helping The Gatehouse get it done.