Big 12 Votes Unanimously to Remain as Ten Schools

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GRAPEVINE – When your conference is named the Big 12 it would make sense to think that you`d want twelve teams in the conference but after a meeting between university presidents Monday it`s been determined that the numbers of teams in the Big 12 will remain at…ten.

“It was a very, very positive meeting in terms of expressing the cohesion of this conference and the unity of this conference on this issue” said University of Oklahoma President David Boren.

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby echoed Boren’s sentiments, “This was an endorsement and a reinvestment in the strength of the ten that we have so I feel really good about that.”

The ruling is a big disappointment for those who believe the lack of two more teams in the conference decreases the chances of big 12 teams getting into the coveted college football playoff. it`s what many believed happened back in 2014 when TCU and Baylor were kept out of contention.

Although the main reason why many think that the committee decided to stay with ten teams is because with the addition of an official conference championship game starting next year a possible new contract with TV partners could mean more revenue for the current schools which of course is better when splitting between ten programs instead of twelve.

So for now, the Big 12 is still really the Big 10.