Artist Paints Mural For Homeless In Dallas

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DALLAS -- Helpless, hopeless, and homeless. For many folks who live on the streets, there's not a lot to be hopeful about, but one artist is hoping to change that.

“One of the basic ideas of the 'You are loved' mural project is to contradict the messages they are so often getting and then being convinced of. You know,you are not useful, you are not worthy.”

Artist Alex Cook is on a mission with murals, going across the nation painting messages of hope in places that need it most.

“This is the 20th of those murals that I’ve painted around the county, they are in six states. We put them in places like shelters, and prisons and schools, worship communities, all over the place,” Cook said.

On Tuesday, Cook was  at a shelter in Dallas painting his latest  mural and getting some help from folks who are down on their luck.

“It’s important for me to have the community involved when I`m painting these murals.”

Joseph Butler, who is a resident at the Austin Street Center in Dallas, was hesitant to grab a brush. But after some convincing, he was soon painting like Picasso.

“I hope when they come in and how they feel, they look at that wall that's a sign of hope, that's a sign of opportunity within themselves to say hey you know what, I'm a part of humanity,” Butler said.

And that’s a message we all need to brush up on.

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