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King of Paid! Dead Or Alive MJ Is The Highest Paid Celebrity of 2016

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NEW YORK CITY --The late King of Pop has just been crowned the highest paid dead celebrity for 2016. But, that's not all, Forbes calculated.

After a grand total of $825-million pretax earnings, MJ also tops the highest paid living celebrity this year.

Sounds like Taylor Swift can beat it, 'cause Mike just made her $170-million seem like chump change.

But seriously, how in the world does a dead celebrity make so much money from the grave?

Well, this year, Michael reportedly cashed in on more than $750-million dollars worth of publishing catalogs-- including his share with Sony and Mijac Music.

Other late greats like Bob Marley, Charles Schulz, Arnold Palmer, Elvis Presley and Dr. Seuss made the list. But their annual earnings combined still doesn't come close to the King's!

Dead or alive MJ is one baaaaad guy.


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